Here's how I can help you find a quality man

Private Coaching Program

Private Coaching Package

12 Weeks of 1:1 Support

Weekly Coaching

Email Support

This 12 week program is a custom experience tailored to fit your needs. I'll take you under my wing and teach you how to navigate dating step by step so that you can find a wonderful man to share your life with.

It's like having a dating-savvy BFF who has the answers you need.

Book a free call to chat with me and see if it's a good fit.

Dating Mastery Program

Group Coaching

5 Course Modules

5 Weekly Sessions

Supportive Community

In this 8 week group program you'll learn how to find a quality man and build a lasting connection with him.

I'll teach you a proven system to help you attract the best men, navigate the dating process and make sure you end up with a man who's in it to win it.

Dating is a skill that anyone can learn. I have a proven process that I use with all my private clients to help them start dating better men immediately.

I can teach you how to find a relationship-minded man in just a few weeks. You will literally become the version of yourself who can find a great guy and create a true connection with him.

I was single for over 20 years!

This might sound crazy, but I bought my wedding dress 15 years before my actual wedding!

Back in the early 2000’s, I was a stressed out single mom and my daughter worked at a bridal shop. I would often stop by to visit her.

The allure of all those beautiful gowns was irresistible. I’d never worn one before.

I'd married my first husband in my 8th grade graduation dress as a teenager and that wedding was far short of fabulous.

So it was absolutely intoxicating to prance around a bridal shop in gorgeous wedding gowns after a tough day at the office before going home to the chaos that awaited me as a single mom of 4.

When I tried on this gown, it was “The One”. I got tears in my eyes and I had to have it. Even though I hadn’t had a date in years.

10 years later...



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