I had such a wonderful experience working with Renée as my coach in both dating and in life. Her demeanor is always so warm and welcoming that I felt comfortable broaching any subject no matter how difficult. Her Intuition is on point and she always found a simple and often humorous way of easing my anxieties and inspiring me to keep forging ahead. I have definitely walked away with more confidence in the world of dating and a very workable toolkit to rely on for day to day life circumstances. Thank you so much for all of your brilliance.

- Wendy s.

When I found myself in my 40s back on the online dating scene, I knew I had to do something very differently so I can find the relationship that I’ve always wanted. Renée taught me simple yet powerful dating strategy that must have saved me many dozens of hours of worry and uncertainty. We boiled down the list of qualities to a very manageable handful, and I was seeing only men who are available for what I am looking for. When I would try to get sidetracked again, she reminded me of my goals. Truly, I did not expect that online dating could be so easy. Thank you, Renée!

-tatiana t.

Renée is just what I was looking for in a one-on-one coach. Her calm, caring demeanor allows me to feel comfortable thinking and answering her questions out loud. At the same time, she creates an atmosphere of safety where I know that she will help me find results or steps to implement after our session is done with absolutely no judgement.

- carol s.


This might sound crazy, but I bought my wedding dress 15 years before my actual wedding!

Back in the early 2000’s, I was a stressed out single mom and my daughter worked at a bridal shop. It was on my way home from work and I would often stop by to visit her.

I’m a girly girl and the allure of all those beautiful gowns was irresistible. I’d never worn one before then.

I'd married my first husband in my 8th grade graduation dress as a teenager and that wedding was far short of fabulous.

So it was absolutely intoxicating to prance around a bridal shop in gorgeous wedding gowns after a tough day at the office before going home to the chaos that awaited me as a single mom of 4.

When I tried on this gown, it was “The One”. I got tears in my eyes and I had to have it. Even though I hadn’t had a date in years.

10 years later...




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