I was crying my eyes out in my cute little apartment.

I'd just been dumped (again) and I was ready to give up on love for good

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I thought I'd never find lasting love.

I was always giving up, but it never quite stuck.

I just couldn’t bring myself to stop looking for very long.

So I'd try again, fail and end up heartbroken. It was so exhausting.

So instead of giving up, I went all in.

I committed myself to finding a wonderful man no matter what.

Even though I was in my mid-40s and had raised four kids alone.

And was probably too old to believe in true love or marriage or to have the beautiful wedding I’d always wanted.

I decided that none of that mattered as much as the fact that I wanted to share my life with someone who loved me.

So I dried my tears and marched myself over to Tiffany’s and bought myself a ring.

I put on the wedding gown I’d bought several years before, went into my tiny bathroom and married myself in the mirror.

I made a promise to myself that I would create the life I really wanted and that life would include the loving relationship I longed for.

And then I made some big changes.

I decided that I was worth it and my dreams mattered.

My husband took that ring off my finger the day we married, but I still have it to this day as a reminder of the promise I made to myself.

I'm so glad I kept the promise I made to myself that day.

I was finally able to find a wonderul man,

and now I use everything learned

to help women just like you!

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This might sound crazy, but I bought my wedding dress 15 years before my actual wedding!

Back in the early 2000’s, I was a stressed out single mom and my daughter worked at a bridal shop. It was on my way home from work and I would often stop by to visit her.

I’m a girly girl and the allure of all those beautiful gowns was irresistible. I’d never worn one before then.

I'd married my first husband in my 8th grade graduation dress as a teenager and that wedding was far short of fabulous.

So it was absolutely intoxicating to prance around a bridal shop in gorgeous wedding gowns after a tough day at the office before going home to the chaos that awaited me as a single mom of 4.

When I tried on this gown, it was “The One”. I got tears in my eyes and I had to have it. Even though I hadn’t had a date in years.

10 years later...




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