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1. 5 quick tips to help you get back into dating after 40

March 16, 20233 min read


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According to Google, 50% of people over 40 are single! So if you’re feeling alone, there’s proof that you’re not. This also means that there are plenty of single men over 40 out there as well.

Decide what you want

Having a good dating experience starts with deciding what a good experience is for you. 

Embrace dating sites and apps

This is the quickest way to meet new people. 

Be sure to write a great profile and post good, recent pictures. 

If you don’t know where to start, I have a great free guide that will help you. You can check it out here.

Learn how to date effectively

Dating is a skill that anyone can learn. 

Dating has changed a lot since we were younger. 

We can no longer assume that the guy sitting across from us wants the same thing we do and that things will just fall into place if they are meant to.

Today’s dating climate requires that we be much more decisive and proactive. We need to know what we want, vet men for that experience, communicate effectively and ask the right questions.

Be safe

Most of the horror stories can be easily avoided by following a few simple guidelines. I recommend dating men who live near you and meeting them within 2 weeks of matching. Speak with them on the phone or have a video chat before meeting in person. If you don’t want to share your number, set up a Google voice account for dating or get a burner phone.

Take your own transportation, meet in a public place and tell a friend where you’ll be. Don’t invite men you don’t know well to your house or go to theirs. And please never send money to anyone you meet online.

Don’t take anything personally

Dating can feel extremely vulnerable and personal, but keep it in perspective. You’re interacting with people you don’t know, or barely know.

You can pretty much count on a few rude comments, men vanishing in the middle of conversations, not calling when they say they will, having a good time on a date and never hearing from them again, and a certain amount of randomness.

This happens to everyone and it doesn’t mean anything bad about you. It’s simply par for the course. You can still have a wonderful dating experience and to get what you want in the end if you don’t let these things stop you.

Learning how to date effectively can drastically cut your bad experiences, and having a thick skin definitely helps. Don’t let a few disappointments take you out of the game and keep you from reaching your dreams in life.

Following these tips will help you have a much better dating experience no matter what your goals are. If you’d like more information to help you date effectively after 40, you need to be on my email list.

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