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43. Do men only want sex?

November 14, 20233 min read


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I used to get so discouraged when it seemed to me like all men wanted was sex, and it’s true that some men do.

Men have a very strong desire for sex that most women do not share to the same extent, so it’s difficult for us to understand at times.

They think about sex to the point of distraction and a recent study cited that 51% of men would like to have sex at least daily compared to 7% of women.

There are strong biological reasons for this difference; hormones, the fact that sex is physically riskier for women, and socialization.

Men’s desire for sex is a natural biological fact. It does not make them awful people and it is responsible for the survival of our species. It also helps motivate men to accomplish and achieve things and makes the world a better place in so many ways.

It also helps motivate men to muster up the courage to ask women out, pay for dates, do things to impress us and go out and buy diamonds and propose to us.

If it weren’t for sex, men wouldn’t do any of these things, so yes, men want sex and it’s largely a good thing.

But is it true that men ONLY want sex?


There’s enough evidence in the world that all men are not like this.

There are millions of men who:

Are good, loving husbands, boyfriends, friends, brothers, fathers, etc

Are heroes and save and protect women, children and animals

Are faithful to the women they love and would never think of hurting or cheating on them

Serve their fellow humans selflessly and sleep out in the woods or on cots and eat from cans while protecting our country

Go to work every day to support and care for the people they love

Give of their time, physical ability and financial resources to causes and people they care about

It might also help to understand that men are afraid of getting friend zoned. No man wants to feel like a sucker and pay for a bunch of dates only to never get to have sex and watch the woman go off with someone else.

If you’re experiencing a lot of men only wanting sex, the first thing I want you to do is stop dating guys like this.

Start dating the nice guys and date them for long enough to tell for sure if they are interested in you or just interested in sex.

There are men who want more and it is easy to tell over a few weeks which kind of man you’re dealing with, mostly because the guy who just wants sex will be gone pretty quickly if you don’t give in.

Men who only want sex will bring it up early and often. Men who want a connection will focus more on getting to know you. They will both want sex eventually, but one will have a lot less patience.

You simply need to determine if a man sees you as a human being or a source of gratification for himself.

If he is consistent in his attention over time, will call you on the phone and schedule real dates with you, he might be the real deal.

If he’s just texting you once in a while for last minute dates and ghosting in between, be careful.

There are so many wonderful men out there who would love to be with you. Focus on finding one and dropping men who don’t treat you well and you’ll be fine.

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