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17. Do you believe these lousy thoughts about dating?

May 13, 20232 min read


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Do you believe any of these unhelpful things about dating?

"I'm too {heavy, skinny, old, young, broke, successful, smart, etc.} to find love"

These things are always a lie

However {fill in the blank} you are, a quick Google search will most likely reveal someone with your exact situation who has indeed found love.

So can you.

But you must stop telling yourself how hopeless it is, how awful dating is, how men don’t want women like you.

You absolutely have to stop.

Because not only are these things untrue, they are the real actual reason you can’t find anyone.

Your thoughts are a very big deal.

They become habits over time and fuel your beliefs.

Your beliefs and your habits create your life.

So please argue with your brain when it presents these ideas to you.

Tell it “Hey brain, we’re not doing that anymore. 

We’re going to change the channel from "everything sucks" to "let's do this".

It won’t work the first time, or even the 101st time.

You’ve been thinking this stuff for awhile.

But over time, your brain will start to shift and you will have new better thoughts, better habits and a better life.

This is why coaching is so effective.

You get to talk to another person who believes in you and the possibility of you finding love.

A good coach will help you question your old beliefs, dismantle them and find new ones that will help you create the life you want.

I help all my private clients do this.

If you’d like me to help you, we need to chat.

I’ll take you through my before and after process and help you make a plan to find your guy.

You can schedule a time to talk to me here.

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